Post Operative Care

For joint-specific aftercare, please refer to the print-out you will receive from Dr Olivier.

Going home after surgery

After surgery you may arrange for someone to take you home with you can walk safely and without too much pain.  You may potentially require walking aids when discharged. Driving is not allowed for 24 hours after surgery, but could be longer depending on the recovery.


In some cases, patients need rehabilitation after surgery, including physiotherapy and mobility exercises to enhance the recovery process. This assists patients to cope in their home environment. Rehabilitation would usually last for 1 – 2 weeks.

Post-operative Consultations

The aims of these consultations are to ensure the patient is healing properly, to measure the progress and to make sure that the limb is returning to its normal function

Dr Olivier will see you within 10-14 days after surgery to check the wound which should be healed and dry by this time. You will discuss the surgical procedure and its findings during which you can ask any questions that arise.

The doctor will see you again between 6-8 weeks following the surgery.  Progress should be good enough for stronger physiotherapy and movement should almost be back to normal.   Further consultations will be arranged as required until the doctor is satisfied with your recovery.

Concerns that arise

If you have any cause for concerns in between follow-up meetings, contact the office immediately.